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The Firm was founded by Attorney Gabriel M. de las Salas who has been practicing law since 2010. GMS Law represents property owners who have suffered damage to their homes and businesses. We also handle real estate closings and construction disputes. Our primary goal is to provide our clients with zealous representation to ensure they achieve the results and compensation they deserve. As a boutique practice, GMS Law prides itself on providing clients with individualized attention and responsive service. We operate as a quality, not a quantity, practice and limit the number of cases we take on to ensure we provide the most effective representation possible.

Property Insurance Claims

Was your property insurance claim denied? Delayed? Underpaid?

An insurance policy is a contract. As a policyholder, you paid a premium. In exchange for that payment, your insurance company made some promises to you. If you feel your insurance company isn’t holding up their end of the bargain, please contact us for a free consultation.

GMS Law proudly represents policyholders in disputes with their property insurance companies. We assist home and business owners when their claims have been delayed, denied or underpaid. We can handle a claim from inception up and through litigation and trial.

Type of claims we handle:

• Water
• Fire
• Mold
• Hurricane
• Windstorms
• Lightning
• Theft/Burglary/Vandalism
• Flood
• Boiler and Machinery
• Bad Faith
• Residential
• Commercial
• Business Interruption
• Hail

Real Estate Closings

Buying? Selling? We can help. The purchase or sale of real estate can be an exciting time. It’s important that you partner with the right attorney to help get your transaction across the finish line. We strive to create an efficient closing process that ensures the transaction closes.

Property owners hire contractors, roofers and plumbers with the expectation that they will provide labor, services and materials in a workmanlike manner. Unfortunately, they can fall short of expectations and their carelessness results in damage.

GMS Law provides a variety of real estate services:

• Real Estate Closings
• Title Searches
• Title Insurance
• Preparation of conveyance documents
• Preparation of Seller’s documents
• Review of contracts
• Review of Condo and Homeowner’s Association Documents
• Preparation of Contracts
• Escrow Services

Condo & HOA Damage Claims

Condominium and homeowners’ associations have a legal obligation to maintain, repair and replace common elements. This obligation is set forth under Florida law and in the documents establishing/controlling an association’s responsibilities. However, associations often fail to keep common elements in good repair. This can result in damage to your home and even render the property unfit for living. For example, if the association is responsible for maintaining your roof or plumbing systems, but they fail to do so and your property suffers damage, the association may be liable for the costs of repairs and the loss of use of the property. This may include lost rents if the property is tenant-occupied.

GMS Law has experience representing homeowners against their associations for failing to properly repair and maintain roofs, exterior walls, plumbing and risers. If you believe your property has been damaged because of your association’s failure to maintain, repair or replace common elements (e.g., roofing, walls, plumbing, etc.), please contact us for a free consultation.

Civil Litigation

While our firm focuses on representing property owners who suffered damages to their homes and businesses, we have extensive experience handling all sort of legal issues and disputes.

These include, but are not limited to:

• Contract Disputes
• Commercial Litigation
• Collections
• Breach of Contract
• Employment Disputes
• Real Estate Disputes
• Auto Accidents
• Personal Injury
• Premises Liability
• Foreclosures

If you find yourself needing any sort of legal assistance, please contact us for a free consultation. Even if we are unable to help, we can refer you to an attorney who has the competence and skill to address your concerns.

Construction Defects

Substandard workmanship and defective design/materials can lead to substantial damages.

Property owners hire contractors, roofers and plumbers with the expectation that they will provide labor, services and materials in a workmanlike manner. Unfortunately, they can fall short of expectations and their carelessness results in damage.

We have experience helping clients whose properties have been damaged by water and fire because of a contractor or roofer’s defective labor, services and materials. If your property has suffered damage and you think it was caused by defective workmanship, design or materials, please contact us for a free a consultation.

Types of Claims We Handle:

• Unworkmanlike Construction
• Defective Roofing
• Defective Construction, Design and Materials
• Water Intrusion through Windows and Doors
• Plumbing Leaks
• Faulty Electrical Wiring
• Construction Delays
• Faulty Drainage
• Code Violations
• Structural Deficiencies
• Contractor, Roofer or Plumber Negligence